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#249 Vote links!

Posted by Schiller on 22 October 2017 - 05:52 PM

Vote links to support server with new players!
Top most inportaint votes:
1. minecraftservai.lt  (Every 6 hours!) [TOP VOTER WILL RECIVE KIT KRAKEN AFTER VOTES RESET]
2. mcserveriai.lt (NEW!)
Normal votes for basic rewards.
Thank you for voting! :)

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#174917 China boiler draft fan factory

Posted by djbdde2 on 05 July 2018 - 12:35 AM

Founded in 2006, Jiangsu Shuangju Fans Co., Ltd. (formerly Yancheng City Guomeng Air-Conditioner Fans Factory and Yancheng City Guomeng Electric Machinery Factory), is a professional manufacturer specially dedicated to research and development of various kinds of fans and motors. It is strong in technical force, advanced in production process, complete in test approaches, strict in management system and reliable in product quality. The main products include SHUANGJU Brand YDW series, DKF series, DKF(H) series, FS series, DDF series, 4-82 series, 4-72 series and GW series low-noise centrifugal fan, YDFW series outer rotor low-noise three-phase asynchronous motor, PYF jet induced fan, DWT series roof fan, YGD series circular duct fan, FB series fan coil unit, etc., which are not only selected and used in many domestic large and medium-sized key engineering projects of air conditioning and purification, but also exported to countries and regions like Japan, USA, South Asia, etc.
Being a brother enterprise on a par with Jiangsu Shuangju Fans Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Shuangju Automobile Parts Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Shuangju Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Guomeng Industrial Park of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. It is adjacent to downtown area of Yancheng, enjoying superior geographical location, beautiful scenery, unique ecological environment and convenient transportation.
With a plant area of 39,600 m2 and over 180 sets of advanced production equipment and detecting instruments, Jiangsu Shuangju Motor Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive motor manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service with over 380 staff among which there are 45 engineering and technical personnel. With years of production history, it is strong in technical force, advanced in production process, complete in test approaches and excellent in product quality. The main products include YE2 series high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor, YVF2 series variable-frequency speed control special motor, YCT series electromagnetic variable-speed motor, YDT series/YD series pole-changing multi-speed motor, YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor, YE2B series hydraulic special motor, YDFW series low noise motor and other derivative special motors, and they conform to international IEC standard.
Application of fan:
Industries involving air-conditioner, engineering, purification, HVAC, refrigeration, spray booth, drying room and so on.
Application of motor:
Machine tools, water pumps, reducers, compressors and transportation, agricultural machinery, food processing and packaging, as well as various kinds of mechanical transmission equipment.
In the company, there is one large-scale stamping line of grade 500T-1000T (4 complete sets of component parts), one black electrophoresis coating production line, 63T-400T stamping equipment of 18 complete sets of component parts, 200T-315T hydraulic press of 3 complete sets of component parts, Panasonic welding robot of 2 complete sets of component parts, wire bending machine of 2 complete sets of component parts and mash welder of 6 complete sets of component parts. There are pieces of mold processing equipment (like wire cutting equipment) and a processing center of 10 complete sets of component parts in the mold workshop. There is a coordinate measuring machine of one complete set of component part, a salt spray test machine of one complete set of component parts and several sets of various apparatuses for measurement and inspection in the laboratory. And there are over 60 lathes, milling machines, four-column hydraulic machines, radial drilling machines, punching and shearing machines in the metalworking workshop. In the assembly workshop, there are pieces of equipment such as flanging forming machine, welding machine, industrial robot and numerical control coordinate type cutting machine.
The company has established strict quality management system, by which the key parts of fan are all produced by mold with 100% dynamic balancing test rate and whole-machine test running rate. Our factory is Designated Inspection Unit for Product Quality by Yancheng City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Unit of National Customer Satisfaction Regarding Product Quality and After-sales Service Demonstration, Group Member Unit of Chinese Association of Refrigeration, Private Science and Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province and High-tech Enterprise. Having passed ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification, 3C Certification and CE Certification, fans of SHUANGJU brand were awarded Top Ten Famous Brands of Chinese Fans and Qualified Product Listed by National Quality Supervision Department.China boiler draft fan factory


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#169704 I am the new guy

Posted by ConradScha on 27 June 2018 - 08:26 PM

Great data Many thanks.
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#231262 el duce boondock saints

Posted by WilliamlecoP on Yesterday, 01:42 PM

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#174915 Dress Up Lips factory

Posted by djbdde2 on 05 July 2018 - 12:34 AM

Cruelty-free Mineral Pigments Essential Oils Lipgloss
Model Number: CLG-029
1. Vibrant color Creates a full, satiny, shimmering & mirror-like pout that lasts for hours
2. Contains natural ingredients, exotic oils, botanical extracts & antioxidants
3. Wear alone for an ultra-reflective, high-shine finish without stickiness, or apply over or under your favorite bare
4. Minerals lip products
Product Specification:
Products name:Cruelty-free Mineral Pigments Essential Oils Lipgloss
LogoOEM/ODM your own logo
MOQ12000pcs for OEM
SampleCan be provide
Type of paymentPayPal,Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Different tube for your choose:
There are more options, welcome contact us
Welcome contact for your own make up line.
If the cruelty-free mineral pigments essential oils lipgloss meets your requirement, welcome to contact our professional factory to buy the quality cosmetics. We are a professional cosmetics manufacturer in China, and we will offer you comprehensive services from the concept of cosmetics to formula.Dress Up Lips factory


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#169844 verapamil online cheaper NO

Posted by VeolaCip on 30 June 2018 - 12:54 PM

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#169840 How Can I Buy Low Price Amaryl (Glimepiride), amaryl how often can you buy

Posted by VeolaCip on 30 June 2018 - 12:26 PM

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