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Hank To Bobbin Yarn Winding Machine manufacturers

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Product description
Vertical winder path with no inflection point little friction and less hairiness. It is appropriate or high speed waxing winding. The speed of waxing is twice as much as that of traditional table type
Using brush less DC motor with longer axis, it is convenient to adjust the speed of each unit spindle. Friendly define the speed of each spindle to apply for variety yarn
Double points waxing system with micro motors, waxing steady and uniform. the forming of cheese is better
Using high quality alloy drums with optimized groove shape, which has the advantages of good anti-overlapping characteristics, light weight good wear resistance and static elimination
Single winding motor control for each spindle, electronic fixed -length, and single spindle automatic stop while yarn breakage or fully filled
High speed creel with gas spring, which can keep constant winding pressure. This creel is stable and reliable
Model Of equipmentAutomatic Hank To Bobbin Yarn Winding Machine
Type of RewindingDrum Random
Customized Spindle Number2/4/6/12/24/60/120 as order
Machine speedUp to 750-800m/minute
Package shapeCylindrical or conical
Traverse length150mm/ 152mm /154mm
Way of anti-overlappingBy electronic
Package bobbin0'/ 3°30"/ 4°20"/ 5°57"/ 9°15"
Package DensityUp to D290MM
Package weight0.2-0.4G/CM3
Yarns /countCotton, cashmere, wool, silk, fiber/NE6-180
Number of spindleUP To 2.5-3Kgs
Machine layoutVertical one sided /double sided
Driver modeDC Motor, adjustable and individual
Power consumptionInstall power 100W/Spindle, and 65W Consumed
Tension/wax SystemYarn tension and waxing Device per spindle
Automatic stop if breakageAutomatic type
Length FixingAdjustable Max 999999m
BalanceThe winding force can be control by balance of gas spring
Slow start modeAvailable
Electronic yarn clearerOptional
Air splicerOptional
Travelling blower/ sunction unitOptional
Dimensions2 Spindle: L650*W408*H1510mm
4 Spindle: L1270*W408*H1510mm
6 Spindle: L1870*W408*H1510 mm
12 Spindle: L1870*W850*H1510mm
Weight2 Spindle: 48kgs
4 Spindle: 89 Kgs
6 Spindle: 121Kgs
12 Spindle: 235Kgs
Rated PowerSingle phase 220V 50/60HZ

Q1: How do you control the quality?
A: We have many inspectors and every product will have been tested for 4-5 processes. We welcome customers visit to our factory.
Q2: Will the machine be debugged before the send goods?
A: Every spindles will be debugged.Hank To Bobbin Yarn Winding Machine manufacturers

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